Eiji Jo

The president of SAORI Co., Ltd.

The representative of NPO SAORI-HIROBA


Eiji Jo was born in Osaka Japan, 1940.

He is a son of Misao Jo (SAORI Founder).

Awakening to Our Inherent Sense

Every single life is created only by life.
We should take advantage of experiencing it.
Create something to express your own feeling.
Expose your spirit you are not recognized.

I believe that Awakening to our inherent sense will be the turning point for people today. We were born from the great nature. Though we left the nature, God and Buddha that something we respect and we are already so far away from them.
I think that people today lost their spirits and they are far away from them. That's why this world is sick today.
I feel that SAORI will be able to tell us the way to awake our spirit and the way to remind of our root of lives.

SAORI allows you to weave your own way. We can weave however we like. Because there are no mistakes, there are no samples.
I've seen a lot of people who found the pleasure discovering themselves through SAORI.
At the beginning, it is challenging for us to weave and we come to weave more and more boldly. At the end, we find ourselves being crazy about weaving.
When we look at what we created, we are able to discover ourselves. We find the joy to see the moment that our own lives come out. As we weave, we see ourselves and at the same time we are creating a piece. This is why SAORI fascinates us. I believe this is the real creating and living.

There is no concept of mistake. Even if the yarn frays out, the selvage is not straight or you take a wrong process, so called MISTAKE can be good modulations and your originality. This concept can change the way of living and open up our mind. Something hiding inside of you will come out through SAORI. Then we are able to see ourselves. We are excited and delighted to find to see yourselves. That's why we weave more and more because we want to see yourselves that is hiding inside of you. Not only that, once you finish a piece, people put much value on it and praise it. They tell you the beauty of yourselves that was hiding inside of you. What a great moment it is!

The new Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Hatoyama spoke in general policy speech. "People can feel happy only when they are put value, are appreciated and are needed by people." He mentioned this phrase to show the basic attitude to people with disabilities. But I think that this phrase also can apply to people without disabilities.

Nowadays young artists are moved and shocked by SAORI banners. They bring the wild beauty of SAORI into their work and create new fashion and art. The artists today are challenging themselves to the new stage are also finding themselves by interacting with SAORI banners.
I can feel that the new culture will be born. 


Eiji Jo


(November 9, 2009) 









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