SAORI International Volunteer College

These days, people of all ages have a variety of lifestyle, and are highly interested in voluntary works or international cooperation for lifelong learning. We established SAORI International Volunteer College in 2009 to encourage lifelong learning.

 It is to train volunteers for welfare and international cooperation. It also has a training program for overseas mature students. The selected trainees are invited to Osaka, Japan for this training program run by SAORI which is a very well known hand weaving method for people with disabilities.

SAORI weaving has been introduced in more than 40 countries all over the world. For example, Saori weaving was introduced to the institutions for people with disabilities in Istanbul, Turkey. It was also introduced to the Tsunami victims in Thailand as occupational therapy. Their QOL(Quality of life) has been improved by SAORI weaving. However, it is very difficult to continue the project stably if they are isolated from support. For the overseas projects, a close relationship between the overseas institutions and SAORI headquarters is beneficial.


  In recent years, people from various countries such as Spain, Mongolia, Turkey, Thailand, China, Korea and Malaysia have trained in SAORI weaving. International SAORI Volunteer College is supported by buddist group, Shinnyo-en.


*Training period: 30days

*The number of overseas trainees: 2 trainees per year

*The training includes:

    Learning what is the SAORI philosophy

    Basic SAORI weaving skills

    Hands on experience in Japanese welfare institution

    Presentation of the trainees’ projects in their own country


  *Requirements for each trainee:

  1. People who can continue their project in their own country,   after completing SAORI International Volunteer College training
  2. People who can lead their project and report a productive outcome within 1 year after the SAORI International Volunteer College
  3. Healthy and cooperative person
  4. A referral of SAORI Leader's Committee member is needed.


*Contact us if you are interested in SAORI International Volunteer College.



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