Meseleki Eğtim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi (Istanbul Center of VocationalTraining and Rehabilitation for People with Disability)

 SAORI was first introduced to Turkey in October 2002, when Belgin Cengiz, the general coordinator of U.Y.D.(Ulaşılabilir Yaşam Derneği: Accessible Life Association), took part in the international SAORI workshop held at Nakatsu, Osaka. She brought one weaving loom back to Istanbul, Turkey, and then they started to organize a special project for SAORI in Turkey.
  In July 2003, “Istanbul Center of Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for People with Disability” was opened with cooperation of U.Y.D and other governmental and civil organizations.
  Among various activities was SAORI workshop (textile production workshop).
In August 2003, the 1st educational workshop was held in the center for 3 days Instruction was given by Mr. Eiji Jo and Ms. Takemi Iwanami. After this training program, they started full activity. At first they produced scarfs (muflars) and clothes, and then gradually increased variety of products.
  In March 2004, Sibel Erki, who was responsible for the SAORI project in the center, came to Japan, and took 3 days training and gave a speech about their activity. At the same time, the exhibitions of their products were held in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto.In August 2004, the 2nd educational workshop was held for 3 days in the center.
  From August to November, Metin Veysel Imat who is responsible for SAORI project in the center now, came to Japan for Osaka Prefectual Government-NGO/NPO's collaboration Overseas Technical Training Assistance Program for 3 months.

The present situation:
SAORI workshop is open 10:00 am.-16:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
One instructor and 2 volunteer members(whose children are handicapped) are working regularly.
25 persons in total are participating in SAORI activity. Most of them are physically challenged. Not everyone comes everyday: some participate once a week, others every two days and, of cource the most active members work everyday.

Message from Turkey
  We have seen the marvelous effect of SAORI on our participants, and are determined to develop SAORI movements in Turkey. We need much more know-how and international cooperation. We hope to get aquainted with you all and change information.


What's New


From KIds to Adults! SAORI wooden loom "Hiyoko"