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Shuttle Tray

60GX Kasasagi series

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Hand Opening Plate

60GX Kasasagi series

52/ 60 series

Winding Assist Tool “Ayacopia”

You don’t need to make the yarn pass back and forth while winding. “Ayacopia” does it for you!


Point 1 : the Yarn will pass back and forth automatically with the Ayacopia.

Ayacopia is the winding assist tool that passes the yarn back and forth automatically.
It is possible to wind yarn to a bobbin by one hand. It is good for people who have difficulty winding or people who have lost the use of a hand. You don’t need to worry about the yarn getting stuck in the shuttle anymore.

Point 2 Compatible with most SAORI Winders.

You can use the “Ayacopia” as your SAORI yarn winder!
* A few old winders are not compatible the “Ayacopia”.

Please check the youtube video. You can do the winding easily by one hand with the “Ayacopia”.


You can choose for 2 kinds of Ayacopias “Tsuru” or “Kitsutsuki”.

The stainless steel Ayacopia “Tsuru”

The  stainless steel Ayacopia is called “Tsuru” (Named after the Japanese bird of luck the Crane)

Easy to attach
Compatible with SAORI 55GX, SAORI 60BX, SAORI 60BXU, SAORI 60, SAORI


The wooden Ayacopia “Toki”

The wooden Ayacopia is called “Toki” (It means ‘Japanese crested ibis’ in Japanese) An attractive, smooth to touch wooden unit.

Needs a +(Phillips) screwdriver to attach it.
Compatible with SAORI 55GX, SAORI 60BX, SAORI 60BXU

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