Thai Tsunami Project

Areas in southern part of Thailand affected by the 2004 tsunami are going on the Thai Tsunami Project which uses SAORI Hand-weaving as occupational therapy. Maya Gotami Foundation which is a buddist group manages this project.


On the 26th of January 2004, a Tsunami brought great losses to the people of six southern provinces in Thailand. Maya Gotami Foundation started the Thai Tsunami Project on the 7th of February 2005.  They established the SAORI training center in February, 2007 supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


Thai Tsunami Project is not only lifts the sprit of the Tsunami victims but also provides them with income opportunity and later on self-reliance.


SAORI project in Thailand: JICA Partnership Program

"Developing Vocational Oppotunities and creative activities for people  with disabilities and commercializing hill-tribe peoples' craft in Thailand.


NPO SAORI-HIROBA has been planning to conduct the above project in Thailand. The project is aiming at improving public awareness concerning people with disabilities and their families, and developing their vocational oppotunities through people with disabilities' creative artistic activities.


In 2005 September, Finished Thai project(Developing Vocational Oppotunities and Creative Activities for People with Disabilities and Commercializing Hill-Tribe Peoples' Crafts in Thailand) with JICA.

Now this project is taken over by The Healing Family Foundation.


What's New


From KIds to Adults! SAORI wooden loom "Hiyoko"